How to choose the best computer for graphic design?

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How to choose the best computer for graphic design?

To be a graphic designer or not, knowledge about the configuration of pc is very important. If you want to be a graphic designer then this article is for you.

More or less almost every people ask others or search in the group, page or website that which configure of pc is suitable for graphic designer or freelancing work. You search this question but can’t be able to find the answer. So today I am going to discuss about this topic. Hope this will work for you.

  • Which is suitable for designer, Laptop or Desktop?
  • How much to fix budget to buying pc for graphic design?
  • Which brand should i prefer?

These are the common question before buying computer or laptop. There are many people trying for freelancing after doing a course and get confuse whether buy a desktop or laptop. Again some want to buy desktop or laptop but get confuse which is best. Some are worry about the budget. So all the confusions will be gone in this discussion.

let’s know about the quality and details of parts of desktop or laptop for graphic design :

There are many motherboard available in market but on those motherboard GIGABYTE is best. The price of motherboard starts from 2500 to 8500. All of them for 2d graphic design the suitable range of motherboard is from 7,000 to 15,000. If you do 3d graphic design then it is better to get more upgraded motherboard. Remember you have to adjust processor with the motherboard when you are buying. If you want to use INTEL processor then you have to buy the INTEL motherboard. If you want Risen processor then the motherboard also should be Risen.

There should be a standard processor for graphic design. Generally a graphic designer uses Intel or AMD processor. Between these two Intel is better. So you can buy Intel core i5/ Intel core i7 but today AMD is also preferred by many. There should be noted the generation and GHz of the processor. Try to buy the latest generation or close to the latest as now Intel 9th generation and AMD 3rd generation is going. Processor is the important part for graphic designer as the most works of computer is done by processor. So if you buy the lower grade processor it will affects in your work. You can’t be able to open a few files at a time because your pc will run slow. For that buy the processor considering the Ram.

RAM (Random Access Memory)
Give importance upon Ram than processor. The speed of processor depends upon Ram. For a standard processor there needs the power of Ram as much as it can be. More power of ram the processor will take less time for work. PHOTOSHOP is a well known software in graphic design and for this software there needs the standard power of Ram. Photoshop works with many data and these data stored on Ram so there must need a standard Ram for better work. Suppose your buyer gives you a file of 50 to 150 megabyte. So when you work with it and add extra element on it the size will be more. If you buy lower Ram than it will slow down and you can’t be able to work. So try to keep the limit of Ram from 8 to 16 gigabyte. The price of 8gb ram is up to 4,000 to 4500 taka. For 16gb Ram you can buy two ram of 8gb. Pc will run better if the processor is core series and the Ram up to 8gb. There must be adjust of these two because if there are problem with combination of processor and Ram it will be a problem. Remember that CORE i3+ 8gb RAM is better than CORE i7+4gb Ram. So always try to buy more Ram.

There have many brand for Ram. You can take Twinmos/Apacer/A Data company’s 8gb Ram of DDR3/DDR4 version.

It is the memory of pc. You can take 1TB HARDDISK and take 150/180 gb C drive for better performance.

There is good of 22” monitor for graphic design. Dell/HP/Asus are the most common used monitor for graphic designer. The price of monitor starts probably 5,000 to as much as high.


If your budget is suitable then it will better to get a graphics card. But this card is expensive so I suggest you to buy this only if you are doing 3d animation graphic design or video editing. If you really want to buy graphics card then buy OpenCL, capable GPU.CUDA cores is not necessary.


You get more space RAM, you get a good quality processor, you get a good quality graphics card but it turns out that if the quality of your monitor is not good then there is no benefit. A good and colorful monitor is minimum 1920X1200 pixel dimension and 21-24 inch measurement. The most important is color. You can take a suitable monitor of SAMSUNG or DELL upon 10,000 to 12,000 taka.


A4 Tech mouse and keyboard is best for long time use.
All in all you can buy a suitable computer for graphic design under a budget of 40,000 to 60,000 taka and for upgrade you can spend 10,000 to 15,000 taka.


Many people say that desktop is good for graphics design, in fact there is no saying that laptop is not good for desktop graphics design. I actually get a very good desktop configuration on a low budget. So I must say desktop is good. It is possible to buy such a good quality desktop with 40-50 thousand but if I want to buy the same configuration laptop, it will cost around 1 lakh, so we bought a desktop without buying this quality laptop. So I suggest desktop is good for graphics design. In fact, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. However, in my opinion, if you want to work at speed in graphics design, buy a laptop in 60 thousand, 70 thousand or one lakh, if the budget is less than 50 thousand, buy a desktop. Many freelance graphics designers use MacBook Pro, you can buy Apple’s MacBook Pro if you have a good budget that gives better performance than General Desktop. That means the real issue is the configuration.

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How to choose the best computer for graphic design?

How to choose the best computer for graphic design? To be a graphic designer or not, knowledge about the configuration of pc is very important. If you want to be a graphic designer then this article is for you. More or less almost every people ask others or search in the group, page or website


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