Very easy to buy dot com bd domain

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Very easy to buy dot com bd domain

Do you want to know the rules to buy dot com bd domain very easily? But do not know how to buy! Let’s not know how to buy dot com bd domain very easily.

What is dot bd (.bd) dot com bd domain?

Dot bd (.bd) is the state-provided internet signal and domain suffix for Bangladesh. The Board of Posts and Telecommunications (BTCL | Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Bangladesh regulates the registration and management of “.bd”. BTCL (BTCL | Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) does not register any domain directly under “.bd”, the domain name must be a subdomain. Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The .bd domain is the ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) which usually sells and controls the BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) domain. And the (for general work or business) extension is the most popular on this domain list. Also (for government-state institutions) (for networking sites) (for information sites) (for organizations) (for educational-educational institutions) For) (for universities) There are many more types of domain extensions, including extensions. If you want, you can select the domain of your choice from their website and buy the domain of your choice by paying the prescribed fee. If there is any problem while buying a domain, you can also get help by calling the call center number provided by them.

How to buy dot bd (.bd) dot com bd domain?

If you want to buy a domain, you must first go to BTCL‘s website. You have to go there and register an account first. Then login to that account and use the domain search option to check if the domain of your choice is empty. If the domain is empty, you have to select the domain you want to buy from below. Then you have to complete the payment through the payment given to them and buy your domain.

Go to BTCL’s website and follow the steps below to buy your dot com bd domain very easily:

1. Search your domain.
2. Select how many years you want to buy your domain.
3. Wait for BTCL’s confirmation message.
4. Login account after receiving confirmation message.
5. After logging in, see below a notification to pay BKash. Confirm the payment by clicking on the Develop button.

As soon as the payment is completed, your domain will become active. Once the domain is active, change the nameserver and host your website.

Notice the image below-

In addition, you can go to BTCL’s (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited – BTCL | Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) own office and fill out the prescribed form to register or buy the domain name of your choice.

In addition, if you do not want to bother yourself, you can easily buy your preferred dot bd (.bd) domain by contacting Midul Designer with bKash, Rocket and other payment methods. Midul Designer is a professional website developer who registers domains through BTCL’s paid price and its fixed service charge.

Fees for dot bd (.bd) dot com bd domain:
Fees for dot bd (.bd) domains have been introduced in a new way from August 1, 2020 at BTCL rates. It is given below

New registration: ৳ 900 per year
Annual renewal fee: ৳ 600 per year
Ownership change fee: ৳ 1000
Penalty for renewal after expiration: ৳ 300

Note: .bangla (.bangla) domain and .bd (.bd) domain rates are the same and registration is required for a minimum of 2 years. Also 15% VAT is applicable on all types of charges.

See the image below to better understand-

How to pay dot bd (.bd) dot com bd domain fee:
If you have registered offline or online, .bd domain. Then you can easily pay the domain fee from any Teletalk connection. In addition, the domain fee can be paid through quick payment by visiting the branch office of the Dutch bangla bank ltd including Rocket and Bkash of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

What is a .bd domain and how to buy it? You know the details about him. If you have any questions about the .bd domain, please let us know by commenting below. And if you like reading the article, don’t forget to share.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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